21 04 2011


Cultural Jam #2

21 04 2011

1. The aspect I find most successful is the alteration of slogans over the years that Coca-Cola had

2.  The aspect I find least successful is the type of font that I used. If I was able to find a font a little closer to the actual font used in the picture, then the jam would be more effective and professional looking

3. If I were to do this project again, I’d make the timeline more noticeable because at a first glance, you cant really see it until you focus

Culture Jam #1

21 04 2011


1.  The aspect that I find most successful about my culture jam is the picture of the womans body – it’s twice as big as the chair. It really shows how serious obesity is.

2. The least successful aspect of my culture jam is it could be a bit more detailed and appealing to the eye

3. If I could do this project again, I would improve the detail and maybe add in some more detail in the background

The Hip-Hop Church

20 04 2011


This is a great idea, a “Hip Hop Church”. I saw this while I was randomly surfing the internet a moment ago and decided to read up a little more on it. When you think of hip hop and church, you think they’re on 2 totally different ends of the spectrum…. which is true, your right. The church believes that the corruption of todays youth is due to the violent words and such from hip hop. Also the church believes that hip hop influences the youth to defy the church…. but personally I dont really believe that. I believe its the pop music out there such as Kesha, Katy Perry, Rihanna etc. Their music is always sexual on some level. Also, pop music is so easily accessible, its always on the radio considering the fact that its pop-ular…

Anyway, 2 pastors in america decided to combine hip hop and church together for 1 reason: They both are after the same thing – the attention of the youth. The 2 pastors thought instead of both entities fighting for the attention, why dont they just join together and create a more effective and innovative way to grasp the youth. I think this is a wonderful idea and I’d love to see it fly and possibly spread up to canada. Obviously the traditional church go-ers wont agree with this idea of church but I think its a great way to introduce the youth to church – and if theyre already familiar with church, well then I think its a great refreshment!

Ad Jam #3

18 04 2011


1. This advertisement represets all the widely known brands in society out there today.

2. In this advertisement, there aren’t necessarily any products being used but rather the brand name of products that are tattooed onto a baby

3. The imagery used in this advertisement is a naked mother breastfeeding her naked baby whom is branded with many popular brand names.

4. There is no text in this advertisement. The imagery speaks for itself.

5. The elements and principles of design are used very well in this advertisement. The grey background compliments the skin tones of the people as well as the logos tattooed onto the baby. It would be much harder to focus on the logos on the child had the background been colourful

6. The target audience for this advertisement is anyone who purchases or sells products… which is basically everyone

7. The Ad Jam conveys a clear and successful message. The ad turns something so beautiful and natural such as breastfeeding into an image that we feel empathy for.

8. I believe this ad does not need improvement. I think the ad speaks for itself so there is no use for text and I think the colouring of the image creates the perfect tone and emotion the audience is supposed to feel. I like how subtle the ad is meanwhile the problem of this ad is much bigger.

Ad Jam #2

18 04 2011


1.  These advertisment represents a bunch of companies such as Volkswagen, Facebook, McDonalds, Nike, Lacoste and Apple.

2. There aren’t really and products being advertised in this advertisement but rather the fact that we can identify consumer companies yet we cant indentify leaves from a tree. What makes cosumer companies and trees the same? Well, they both surround us.

3. Some imagery used in this advertisement to convey the message are logos from various companies and leaves from various trees. As well, there is text above both sets of images.

4. The message conveyed in this advertisement is the simple fact that we can define our McDonalds from our Volkswagen but we can’t define our Maple lead to our Pine Needles.

5. The Element of space and proportioning is used well in this advertisement. There are a lot of logos and leaves in this image and I think they were organized very well without causing chaos to the eye.

6. The target audience for this advertisment is everyone. We are all surrounded.

7. The Ad Jam conveys a clear and successful message because with the use of a few pictures and simple text, it allows one to realize the reality of the advertisement.

8. The Ad Jam could be improved if more colour were added to it. The advertisement would be more effective by adding colour because it would allow the audience to identify logos/leaves much quicker.

Ad Jam #1

14 04 2011


1. This advertisement doesn’t really represent a brand name but rather it represents consumerism.

2. In this advertisement, there is not really a product being used but rather a barcode from a product

3. The imagery used in this advertisement to subvert is the hands firmly gripping the black lines of the barcode. From this image it is clear that it looks like a person is trapped in a jail cell or some sort of cage in anger/fear and wanting out asap.

4. In this advertisement there is no message. I feel a message is not needed in this advertisement because the imagery speaks for itself

5. The elements and principles of art are used very well in this particular advertisement. Line is used in a great way to show the sturdiness and sense of suffocation from the bars. As well, the non use of colour depicts the feeling of being in a jail where the environment is simple and bland. Also, the boldness of the hands gives me the feeling that the person behind the bars is gripping tightly in hopes of attaining freedom.

6. The target audience to this advertisement is anyone who possesses money… which is almost everyone.

7. This Ad Jame conveys a clear and successful message.

8. I think the advertisement is very well put together. I like the simplicity of it and how clear the image is conveyed, though I think adding a bit of movement into the image could help improve its effectiveness. A bit of movement around the hands to increase the sense of emotion would definitely aid the advertisement.