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17 06 2011



14 06 2011

Team History:
Establish: The Predators were established in 2011 when Oakville got their first official NBA team
League: NBA
Star Players: Adams – 13, Francis – 4
Accomplishmebnts: The team is brand new to the leage and have high hopes for their first season
City: Oakville
Arena Location: Downtown Oakville
Name of Arena: Lakeshore Court

21 04 2011

Cultural Jam #2

21 04 2011

1. The aspect I find most successful is the alteration of slogans over the years that Coca-Cola had

2.  The aspect I find least successful is the type of font that I used. If I was able to find a font a little closer to the actual font used in the picture, then the jam would be more effective and professional looking

3. If I were to do this project again, I’d make the timeline more noticeable because at a first glance, you cant really see it until you focus

Culture Jam #1

21 04 2011


1.  The aspect that I find most successful about my culture jam is the picture of the womans body – it’s twice as big as the chair. It really shows how serious obesity is.

2. The least successful aspect of my culture jam is it could be a bit more detailed and appealing to the eye

3. If I could do this project again, I would improve the detail and maybe add in some more detail in the background

Comic Page

14 04 2011

For title page and more of the comic visit —–>http://michaeltnugent.wordpress.com/

StaticShock: The Superhero

25 03 2011

Superhero Name: StaticShock

True Identity: Eric LeCity

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Superhero’s Origin: Eric LeCity was born during the 1950’s in Nevada where he and his family lived around many nuclear plants. When Eric’s parents gave birth to him, they were very worried that he was highly exposed to radiation, though they were unaware of the exposure until after his birth. Inspite of their fear, they moved far away to New York City where LeCity was raised. Over time, LeCity’s parents did not notice any dysfunctions among their son… except for the fact that he was able to manifest the power of electricity and create flames in the palms of his hands.

Signification: LeCity’s power was alligned by fate. He took charge of the underground supervillains of NYC and kept peace and order for the humans. His full body suit including his helmut/mask protects him from the extreme forces he can manifest.