Awareness of Animation

26 04 2011

Television Show:

The animation above is a drawing from the simpsons. The characters name is Lisa.


The animation drawing above is from the Disney movie Bambi.

TV Commerical:

This animation picture above is for the Audi Q5. It shows the different engineering used to create the commerical

Childrens Cartoons

The above animation is of a childrens show that I used to watch when I was younger back in the 1990’s. It is animation of Tom & Jerry. Each episode was usually based on different ways the cat could lure the mouse so he could eat him.


The website is really a “google” for everything artistic, but there is an abundance of comic/animation/flip book type creations that are really cool to surf through.

Video Game:

This animation above is super mario for the nintendo in which is very dated.




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