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17 06 2011



14 06 2011

Team History:
Establish: The Predators were established in 2011 when Oakville got their first official NBA team
League: NBA
Star Players: Adams – 13, Francis – 4
Accomplishmebnts: The team is brand new to the leage and have high hopes for their first season
City: Oakville
Arena Location: Downtown Oakville
Name of Arena: Lakeshore Court

Toast Messenger

10 06 2011

This concept is so cool! Its called a Toast Messenger. Basically you write down (or draw) little messages on the white board looking surface with a special marker and put the toast in to be toasted. Once its done and you pull it out, the message is replicated onto the toast! It’s such a unique idea! It would definitely motivate me to get up and eat breakfast in the morning haha. Although the only downside is that this little creation isnt actually real.. YET. This is just a picture photoshoped and edited to display the creators idea. Apparently it would be extremely hard to create such a thing, but I wont be surprised if we see it in stores next year ūüėČ haha!

Graffiti At Its Finest!

3 05 2011

Some people consider graffiti a disgrace to the public. Town workers spend countless hours power washing signs or painting walls white to wipe off the graffiti but I think graffiti is a type of art that should be respected. Graffiti can be beautiful and it can also be witty, here are a few pictures that put witty graffiti to good use! :

Stop, Hammertime!

Stop Bush

Up here, Silly!

Come on paint me white again

What is this for?

Level 2B or not 2B

Pst. Don’t look now, but there’s a cop behind you!

Jedi’s Only


3 05 2011

I think typography is a really creative way to play with a simple text. It leaves a lasting impression on the audience and allows us to feel more effectively for the moral of the text. Here are a few great examples of people who’ve played around with typography:

PKMzeta – Perfect Recall

3 05 2011



I stumbled upon this article was I was surfing the internet just now…

Science¬†has yet again made a new discovery. This new discovery is called PKMzeta.¬†Scientists noticed that there are so many substances out in the world that can distort memory¬†and no (or not enough) subtances¬†that can do the exact opposite – restore memory. PKMzeta is¬†basically an enzyme in the brain that allows one to successfully store things they’ve learned, saw, heard etc. as well as maintain a crisp long term memory.¬†The experiment was tested on rats. When the scientists boosted the level of PKMzeta in the rats brain, they recalled their past experiences in great detail… Scientists claim that his enzyme boost is “modest” but I’m not sure about that… If we were meant to recall so much memory, then I believe our bodies would naturally allow us to. There are many drugs out there that can cause more bad than good. PKMzeta is a pretty new discovery – as of November 2010… I don’t think scientist have figured out any side effects on the drug yet. I think once you start taking medication for something, you need to start taking more medication for something else and the amount of pills you take just adds up. To the contrary, this drug may possibly be a saving grace for elders who have alzheimers… though one would have to take the drug long before they have alzheimers to keep memories vivid.

I was reading comments on one of the links and people were saying that this is just another drug that will let people drink, smoke and shoot up more because all the bad side effects of all of the above can be washed away with this enzyme.

I don’t know… I’m pretty paranoid when I take medicine, I wouldn’t risk my health for something that seems so artificial like PKMzeta… Especially if it’s messing with your brain.

What do you think?

Awareness of Animation

26 04 2011

Television Show:

The animation above is a drawing from the simpsons. The characters name is Lisa.


The animation drawing above is from the Disney movie Bambi.

TV Commerical:

This animation picture above is for the Audi Q5. It shows the different engineering used to create the commerical

Childrens Cartoons

The above animation is of a childrens show that I used to watch when I was younger back in the 1990’s. It is animation of Tom & Jerry. Each episode was usually based on different ways the cat could lure the mouse so he could eat him.



The website is really a “google” for everything artistic, but there is an abundance of comic/animation/flip book type creations that are really cool to surf through.

Video Game:

This animation above is super mario for the nintendo in which is very dated.